If you are ever faced with an ERISA Audit, you will be asked to provide copies of the Group Health Benefit Plan SPD, Model Notices and other documents that were provided to employees. As an employer, do you understand the requirements and DOL’s enforcement (fines/penalties) if you are not able to provide the copies of these documents? Let our compliance experts help!


Commonly asked question:


My carrier provides a (master) contract, doesn’t this serve as my plan document?


The Carrier contract stipulates the arrangements and coverage between the Employer and the insurance company, i.e., the contract.  It does have some of the language found in a (Wrap) SPD – the carrier contract is exclusive to the carrier benefit offering and does not have any relationship with other benefit offerings referenced in a “Wrap” SPD.


The contract does not cover the notification requirements required in the SPD (SPD required language).  Also, the contract is not necessarily written in “legal Ease” and understandable by a general workforce population which is also a SPD requirement.


Potential Penalties for Non Compliance



Our plan document specialists deliver consultative support for your Fully-Insured or Self-Insured SPD requirements. With the increased DOL ERISA audits you can rest-easy knowing your SPD’s and Wrap Documents are fully compliant.


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