Our agency offers access to a secure online benefits management system.  It is a system where you and your employees can access all of your critical benefit information anytime, anywhere.  Nothing can replace the attention of Currin Insurance & Investment Services, Inc, but with our technology, our agency is going the extra mile to provide exceptional customer service.  Don't settle, start expecting the best!

  • Cloud based technology stores all of your benefit information in one place

  • You have 24/7 secure web access

  • View your summary of benefits, network options and review plan costs

  • Store any HR Forms and documents

  • Create employee benefit statements

  • Employees can view all of their personal benefit information at any time

Key Features

Employee Onboarding


No more duplicative data entry for your agency or your employers when they hire a new employee!  The employer simply adds a few required relevant fields of information and then sends the electronic request to the new hire.


The new hire will click a link to start the data entry process by adding personal information, emergency contact info, and education information.

From there the employee will review and sign their pre-populated W4, state withholding form, and I-9 form.  The new hire can review important documents/forms or videos – once completed we will grab the date/time stamp for proof of review.  Once the employee is finished your client will be notified so that they can finish part 2 of the I-9 form and save copies of the accepted identification documents for the I-9.


The new hire is now active inside My HR Storage!

Employee Benefit Statements


Employee Benefit Statements are an effective human resource tool to communicate the value of employer sponsored benefits. Using customized, individual benefit statements, employees can better understand the financial commitment their employer has made in them.​